• Uncategorized | december 2006

    Acquisition of technology investments of Residex

    Parcom Ventures B.V. together with some private investors have acquired 9 interests in technology companies from Residex. The companies included in this transaction are Interxion, Mapper Lithography, ALSI, AtoBe, X-Hive Corporation, Momac, Siennax International, Business Architects International and Allfinanz. The interests in these companies will be held in a new fund – Parc-IT – and will continue to be managed by the team of Residex Ventures.

    Erik Westerink, CEO of Parcom Ventures: “We are currently witnessing a renewed growth in technology markets and believe that further growth opportunities lie ahead of us. We see the acquisition of this portfolio of companies as an attractive basis to invest further in the technology market. I believe that we can, through our experience in growth processes, significantly contribute to these companies.”

    Paul Schröder, CEO of Residex Ventures: “The partners of Residex Ventures have managed these companies for a long time, some of them from the start-up phase. Through our partnership with Parcom we will be able to provide the required continuity and to further create value with these companies.”