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    Wajer | August 2022

    Wajer Yachts brings Parcom on board as partner

    Wajer Yachts and investment company Parcom have reached agreement on Parcom’s entry as shareholder in the Dutch builder of luxury open day boats. The Wajer family will remain the majority shareholder of the company and Dries Wajer will stay on as Managing Director. Parcom will join as partner to...

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    Quoratio | July 2022

    Quoratio Group enters its next phase of growth with Parcom

    Investment companies Parcom and Foreman Capital have reached an agreement on the acquisition of Quoratio Group, a leading secondment company for administrative processes in healthcare, finance, pensions, social domain and HR/Payroll. With Parcom as its partner, the management of Quoratio Group...

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    STAR Group | June 2022

    The Specialist Group to be sold to Oaktree and TSG Management

    The Specialist Group (“TSG”), Parcom and funds managed by Oaktree Capital Management, L.P. (“Oaktree”) today announced that TSG founder Francois Claeijs and Parcom have reached an agreement to sell their stake in TSG to Oaktree and TSG management. Headquartered in Moerdijk, Netherlands, TSG...

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    Altrex | April 2022

    Altrex embarks on next growth phase with new partner Frénéhard & Michaux

    Frénéhard & Michaux Group (F&M) has acquired Parcom’s stake in Altrex to form a strong and long-term partnership that will benefit Altrex’ future growth and continuity. The partnership will create a European market leader in the ‘working at height’ product category and will offer...

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    Bouwgroep Dijkstra Draisma | April 2022

    Bouwgroep Dijkstra Draisma finds partner in Parcom

    Bouwgroep Dijkstra Draisma and investment company Parcom announce that an agreement has been reached for Parcom to become shareholder in the innovative construction group from Dokkum/Bolsward. Together with the current management team, director Biense Dijkstra will continue to lead the Frisian...

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