• Simpel | December 2020

    Acquisition of Simpel by
    T-Mobile completed

    As of today, simple is officially part of T-Mobile Netherlands. As a result, T-Mobile is now the largest mobile provider in the Netherlands with 6.7 million mobile customers. Nothing will change for Simpel customers. Simpel has approximately 1 million customers, who have been using the best-tested network in the Netherlands for many years. More than 50% of the total mobile data traffic in the Netherlands is processed through this network.

    Søren Abildgaard, CEO of T-Mobile Netherlands: “In the mobile market we are taking an important step with this acquisition. But also, as the largest mobile player, we will continue our market strategy as a challenger. Customers can continue to expect us to compete vigorously in all market segments and on all fronts. We are certainly not yet where we want to be on the fixed internet market. Our next goal is to shake up this market.”

    Listen to customers
    In order to be able to play a major role on the fixed internet market, T-Mobile has already come up with a competitive offer for combined subscriptions (mobile & fixed). In addition, T-Mobile wants to offer fiber that is accessible to everyone in more places in the Netherlands. Abildgaard: “Exactly as we have done in the mobile market, we will also challenge and break open the fixed market. Above all, we will listen very carefully to what consumers want. We will continue to challenge the market until we can offer everyone in the Netherlands access to high-speed internet.”