• Bekaert Textiles | April 2015

    Haniel acquires Bekaert Textiles

    Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH (Haniel) acquires Bekaert Textiles Holding II B.V. (Bekaert Textiles) from Gamma Holding, a holding Company owned by Gilde Buy Out Partners and Parcom Capital Management (Parcom). The company specialises in the production of mattress fabrics and generated sales in excess of EUR 200 million in 2014. This makes Bekaert Textiles the world’s leading company in
    this market.

    With its business model, Bekaert Textiles is an outstanding match for Haniel’s set of acquisition criteria. Supported by global trends, the company shows potential for a long-term, sustainable growth and value creation. “As a family- equity company, Bekaert Textiles allows us a first, but important step to diversify our current portfolio”, explains Haniel CEO Stephan Gemkow. “We are pleased that under the new guidance of Haniel, Bekaert Textiles will be able to continue its successful course of the previous years with new options for growth. We wish the company, its management and shareholders the very best for the future”, says Jan Albers, CEO of Gamma Holding.

    Global operations

    Bekaert Textiles, headquartered in Waregem (Belgium) is active in all major regions of the world with its sales and dedicated production sites. Core sales regions are Europe at 35 per cent, the Americas at 50 per cent as well as Asia/Pacific. Besides the increasing populations, especially in emerging markets, the rising standard of living in these regions is a particularly important driver of growth. In developed regions, the company and its high-quality products benefit from the increasing demand for comfort and increasing environmental awareness. Bekaert Textiles is recognized as the quality, service and innovation leader in its industry.

    Top management keeps hand on the tiller

    The management team has extensive market and industry knowledge as well as an outstanding reputation. Gemkow: “We are delighted that the management welcomed our acquisition and want to continue the development of Bekaert Textiles’ business together with us”. “This shift in shareholder is good news for Bekaert Textiles’ employees and our customers as this transaction fully supports our continued growth strategy and does not impact companies’ employees nor its operations”, says Dirk Vandeplancke, CEO of Bekaert Textiles.