• Investment criteria

    For every investment, we apply six basic principles that we and our partner companies use as clear guidelines for our conversations.

    The six basic principles of our investment strategy

    Potential for further growth in partnership

    Unlocking the company’s full potential in a true partnership with management teams and entrepreneurs.

    Markets with attractive foundations

    A bottom-up approach within many different sectors, but always focused on companies with Dutch roots that are active in markets with established, long-term foundations.

    Personal and analytical team

    Pragmatical and personal approach along with the entrepreneur and/or the management team. Based on analysis and a data-driven decision-making process.

    Flexible deal structures and shared ownership

    Flexible and creative deal structuring approach. Mostly in shared ownership in collaboration with the founders involved.

    Competitive advantage and appealing financial profile

    Companies with trading results between €10 and €60 million and differentiated product and/or service portfolios with demonstrably appealing financial profiles (e.g. high margins, healthy cash generation, etc.).

    Responsible entrepreneurship

    Our portfolio companies are committed to clear Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) policies in their daily operations.

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