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    Ever tried.
    Ever failed.
    No matter.
    Try again.
    Fail again.
    Fail better.

    Bas Becks


    Involved in

    • Group of Butchers
    • HEMA
    • 247 TailorSteel
    • Euroma
    • GoodHabitz


    Mc Kinsey & Company

    CVC Capital Partners

    “My ambition was to be a fighter jet pilot but, unfortunately, the Air Force took a different view. Sitting still is not natural habitat. So I am always looking for opportunities and trying to see a solution in problems. I believe in a personal approach and  discovering the story behind the person or a company. Flexible teamwork, allowing for a change in course if the situation so demands, at any time of day. It is this dynamism, variety, and speed that energise me in both my professional and my personal life. Not from a cockpit but with solid ground beneath my feet.”