• Our team / Daan Gankema

    Solutions don’t come about by pointing fingers but by holding out your hand.

    Daan Gankema

    Investment Manager

    Involved in

    • MGG
    • Nedac Sorbo Mascot
    • Star
    • Yource


    Morgan Stanley
    London/New York

    “I am inspired by getting involved and collaborating with our partner companies to unlock their full potential. The strength of our partnership lies in striking the right balance between form and content, honesty and always having our cards on the table. The management team has the opportunity to realise its plans, and we are ready to help where necessary, in both good times and bad and in the short- and long-term. Finish what you start! That is how I ran the New York marathon twice both with and without training (and with 2 hours’ difference in finishing times).”