• Our team / Gijs van Reen

    Converting detailed financial analyses into insight often unlocks enormous potential.

    Gijs van Reen

    Operating Managing Director

    Involved in

    • Hema
    • Group of Butchers
    • Outdoor Life Group
    • Altrex



    “I help companies in our portfolio to consolidate their financial functions, for example, by optimising cash flow reports and streamlining working capital reductions. Converting in-depth analyses into presentations to help companies and other stakeholders understand the underlying trends and values always proves invaluable. It means diving deep into the subject matter and being persistent with questions until you really fully – and not just generally – understand it. In my spare time, I enjoy running ultra-trails, preferably in the Alps. The Tor des Géants in the Italian Alps is high on my list: 350 km and 27,000 vertical metres.”