• Our team / Gijs Vuursteen

    For me, getting to know new industries and businesses is the best thing there is.

    Gijs Vuursteen

    Managing Partner

    Involved in

    • Wajer
    • Hunkemöller
    • Vlisco
    • MGG Group


    Monitor Company
    New York

    CVC Capital Partners
    Amsterdam/Brussels/New York

    “Our added value lies in simplifying and clarifying complex issues. We then develop and implement a smart and focused plan with the management teams and founders. The trick is to be flexible and creative in dealing with any unexpected setbacks and opportunities you may encounter. It is crucial to have a relationship of trust with the management teams and short and clear lines of communication. I prefer facts and analyses over anecdotes, which is probably due to my maths background. Life can also have a dose of excitement – both in your personal life, in sports, as well as in business.”