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    Our young and enthusiastic team is always in search of new opportunities in the market, using an innovative and refreshing approach.

    Jeroen Cohen


    Involved in

    • Elektramat
    • Zorg van de Zaak
    • 247TailorSteel
    • Outdoor Life Group


    Bank of America Merrill Lynch 

    “The feedback I often get is that Parcom stands out, in our fairly conservative industry, because of its innovative and refreshing approach. I think this is mainly due to our young and enthusiastic team. Right now my predominant focus is on the partnerships we have with companies in the manufacturing industry. I am currently working with a rapidly growing company in the metalworking sector that can deliver tailor-made parts quickly and efficiently, thanks to its fully-automated production process. We are supporting the company in its next growth phase, focused around its continued international rollout by means of additional production facilities, as well as realizing further operational improvements.”