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    Investing combines entrepreneurial spirit with commercial rationality.

    Renger Dotinga


    Involved in

    • Wajer
    • Group of Butchers
    • Euroma

    I started my career at Parcom in 2020. The pace and mentality I experienced here during an internship was more dynamic and results-oriented than what I had encountered elsewhere. With a sharp and rational approach investment opportunities are assessed, and partner companies both challenged and supported. In my time here I have learned that each management team desires a different level of involvement, but that transparency and ambition are ever-present in any collaboration. With a pragmatic approach, the Parcom investment team works alongside partner companies towards their strategic decisions. These decisions can be based on objective numbers, as I became accustomed to during my engineering studies, but more often than I had expected also on a firm belief in an entrepreneurial vision – a combination unique to the field of investing.