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    Continuous success requires continuous effort; the trick is to understand and accept their non-linear relationship.

    Wietske van der Kamp


    Involved in

    • Wajer
    • Bouwgroep Dijkstra Draisma
    • Zorg van de Zaak
    • Yource


    Bain & Company

    I am a true team player and I believe that good teamwork is determined by valuing and optimizing individual qualities. My professional field hockey career has taught me that people often have a lot more to offer than they initially think they have. In a collaboration I feel it is important that people dare to pick each other’s brain; two are simply smarter and more creative than one. At Parcom, we take full advantage of the latter as our building blocks are based on honesty and openness. In the weekend you can find me on the hockey field, in my garden or on the edge of my seat watching Formula 1.