• Viroclinics | August 2017

    Parcom Capital acquires Viroclinics Biosciences

    Parcom Capital has acquired the successful clinical research organisation Viroclinics Biosciences. Viroclinics believes Parcom is the perfect partner to help it realise its growth ambitions. Viroclinics employs more than 100 experts and works for clients across the world. The acquisition will give Viroclinics the opportunity to expand its fields of expertise and its portfolio of services.

    Viroclinics was founded in 2001 and specialises in testing new vaccines and drugs in the clinical trial stages prior to their market launch. Viroclinics has clients across the globe and conducts virology testing for clients that include the world’s top 10 biopharmaceutical companies. Viroclinics tests around 90 percent of all anti-influenza medications developed worldwide. The company expects to see further growth in other fields of virology in the coming years.

    Bob van Gemen, CEO Viroclinics Biosciences, is pleased with the acquisition by Parcom Capital. “Our main focus at the moment is the research and treatment of respiratory viruses. We would like to broaden our portfolio, especially in the area of other viral targets, such as hepatitis, polio and RSV. For instance, we are very closely involved in a project that is on the verge of eradicating the polio virus for good. In Parcom Capital, we have found a new, solid partner who will enable us to realise even more of our ambitious targets. In the coming years, we will enter a new phase as a company and we have major growth ambitions.”

    As a result of the sale, Viroclinics is now fully owned by Parcom Capital and management. Parcom has made several investments in successful Dutch companies in recent years, including the mobile telecom provider Simpel.nl, Star Group and RH Marine. “We see Viroclinics as a valuable addition to our portfolio,” says Parcom Capital partner Piet-Hein de Jager. “We believe very strongly in the growth opportunities for Viroclinics, which has acquired a leading position in the biopharma market with its expertise and innovative approach.”

    Gilde Healthcare Service is the selling party and was advised in the acquisition process by William Blair. Parcom was advised by PricewaterhouseCoopers. The acquisition has no consequences for the employees of Viroclinics. The parties decline to publish any financial details.

    About Viroclinics

    Viroclinics Biosciences BV (Viroclinics) is the globally preferred institute for virology testing. Before new and amended drugs are launched in the market, Viroclinics conducts laboratory tests to assess their safety and efficacy. Viroclinics’ clients include the larger pharmaceutical development companies, producers and contract organisations that develop anti-viral drugs and vaccines. More information is available on the website www.viroclinics.eu.