• Vlisco | September 2021

    Parcom completes the acquisition of Vlisco

    Parcom has completed the acquisition of Vlisco, a leading designer and manufacturer of distinctive African fabrics.

    Vlisco has a long history of craftsmanship since its founding in 1846 with its products particularly praised by consumers for its unique designs and high-quality fabrics. Today, Vlisco has a leading position in West and Central Africa with a portfolio of four market leading brands: Vlisco, Uniwax, GTP and Woodin.

    David Suddens, Vlisco: “For the employees of Vlisco the acquisition by Parcom offers us all the scope for a new start. This new start will be defined by keeping the best of Vlisco’s past and present whilst embracing all the opportunities that will arise with the demographic growth of Africa and the advent of new technology. With Parcom’s support we are confident of fulfilling our potential.”

    Kimon Baloumis, Parcom: “We are delighted to be partnering with Vlisco’s management team and becoming part of the company’s rich history. Vlisco has a leading position in the market of African print fabrics which is dynamic, fast-growing, and expected to yield significant commercial opportunities. We underwrite management’s strategy to significantly invest in Africa and the Netherlands and look forward to supporting them in realizing their ambitious goals for the company.”

    The transaction has been approved by the works council and anti-competition authorities. 

    About Vlisco

    Vlisco has been designing and manufacturing distinctive fabrics loved by African women and men since 1846. The specially crafted fabrics continue to be made with time-honoured methods and materials. For 175 years Vlisco has created more than 350,000 original textile designs. Many of these designs have become cultural treasures, bestowed with special names and meanings by the merchants of Central and West Africa. New designs are produced each year alongside traditional classics to hearten the new generation of Vlisco enthusiasts. Vlisco’s highly expressive and creative customers transform the fabrics into fashionable looks, which are one of a kind.

    Inspired by Africa, made with a technique derived from Indonesian Batik, designed in the Netherlands, Vlisco’s heritage and design signature is a multicultural melting pot of beauty and industrial craftsmanship. The company employs 2,000 FTE.

    More information: www.vlisco.com