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    Core activity
    Energy efficient HVAC indoor climate solutions
    Bas Korte
    Partner since
    January 2021
    Parcom contact
    Since we will be making significant investments, we will continue to be able to bring differentiating products, systems and concepts to market.
    Bas Korte

    Climate for life aspires to let people live and work in a more enjoyable environment with its assortment consisting of heating, hot water, ventilation and control solutions. Today, the company has a leading position in the Dutch new build and renovation market and is, driven by its ambition for energy neutral living, leading the market in for instance water-to-water heat pumps and ventilation. Climate for Life has ambitious plans to expand its role in the energy transition, for which it will need to make significant investments. The, at first sight, contradiction between a comfortable, healthy and affordable indoor climate and a lower – or even zero – energy use fascinates the company. All of this combines in the slogan: Climate for Life.