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    supplier of fresh products
    Olav Sonneveld
    Partner since
    April 2024
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    We continuously strive for excellent service at Meeder, because we believe that customer satisfaction is at the core of our growth and existence. Together with Parcom, we can set the bar as all-round service provider even higher.
    Olav Sonneveld

    “Meeder has been delivering high-quality fresh produce for over 100 years through a global end-to-end logistics network. The professional and dedicated team represents a transparent organization that excels in service. This has led to long-lasting relationships with both customers and partners. Meeder is a one-stop-shop providing solid sourcing (>250 products), quality assurance, and legal documentation handling capabilities, as well as a wide range of distribution options operating from its offices in the Netherlands, Italy and Spain.

    The high-quality product offering, reliability and customer-oriented service are responsible for the historical growth and success of Meeder. Parcom and Meeder are working together to achieve the best possible service and continue the growth trajectory Meeder has set upon.”