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    Core activity
    laser-cut metal products
    Carl Berlo
    Partner since
    April 2019
    Parcom contact
    Carl Berlo

    Since 2007, 247TailorSteel has been specialising in laser-cut metal sheets, tubes, and custom-made bent products for corporate customers. With its advanced processes, it can manufacture these products quickly, precisely, and with minimal cutting losses. The company differentiates itself by its in-house software, state-of-the-art machine plants in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, and its own logistics facilities for fast and reliable global deliveries; customers can order 24/7. Its collaboration with Parcom has allowed 247TailorSteel to expand rapidly by opening new branches, improving existing processes, and implementing innovations.

    With Parcom’s help, we can upscale and continue to develop our unique production process.