• Partner companies / Zorg van de zaak

    Core activity
    occupational health services and care
    Bas Tomassen
    Partner since
    May 2022
    Parcom contact
    Bas Tomassen

    Zorg van de Zaak is the largest occupational health services provider in the Netherlands and reaches more than 1,3 million employees through 67.000 employers. By expanding its network, which comprises of occupational health and safety services, intervention companies, and healthcare institutions, the company is able to offer a wide range of professional care and services. Zorg van de Zaak has, since its foundation in 1996, worked extremely hard to pursue its mission to assist as many people as possible to work and contribute to the vitality of the Netherlands. In collaboration with Parcom, the adopted strategy will be continued with the shared ambition to grow as integrated service provider in the field of sustainable employability.

    We are happy with our choice to partner with Parcom and see great opportunities for Zorg van de Zaak to continue its mission together with Parcom.