• Simpel | October 2020

    Simpel becomes part of
    T-Mobile Netherlands

    Today, T-Mobile Netherlands announced its intention to add Simpel as an additional pillar to T-Mobile. T-Mobile Netherlands and the shareholders of Simpel signed an agreement for the acquisition of Simpel.

    CEO Jasper de Rooij welcomes the proposed sale. “We have been using T-Mobile’s network for many years and know each other well from this long joint history. We have realized a strong growth in the number of customers and consider this the right moment in time to sell. A sale of Simpel to T-Mobile was an obvious decision. In this way we guarantee our customers that they can continue to use the fastest and best network in the Netherlands and can continue to count on a high level of service at attractive rates.”

    Søren Abildgaard, CEO of T-Mobile The Netherlands: “The acquisition of Simpel enables us to continue to compete with KPN and Vodafone in a challenging mobile-only market. This will enable us to continue our market strategy as a challenger in the long term. With the proposed acquisition we will be able to do this in all market segments and compete with KPN and Vodafone on all fronts. And that is good news for all our customers, including Simpels, because not only price is relevant to them, but also network quality and customer service. As T-Mobile we put the customer first and continuously improve our products and services. Of course we also apply this principle to customers of Simpel.”

    The proposed addition of Simpel to T-Mobile does not affect T-Mobile’s wholesale strategy. Søren Abildgaard: “We will continue to be open and have room for new wholesale customers on our mobile network.” The proposed acquisition is subject to ACM approval.

    About Simpel

    Simpel was founded in 2007 by CEO Jasper de Rooij and has been using T-Mobile’s network as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) since 2014. Simpel sells sim-only subscriptions via its own website and currently has approximately 1 million customers. Simpel has approximately 20 employees.