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    Univar | juli 2007

    CVC and Parcom’s public-to-private of Univar

    CVC and Parcom closed the public to private transaction of Univar N.V. (“Univar”), the global market leader in chemical distribution (#1 in the U.S. and Canada, #2 in Europe). Univar operates a global network of 160 distribution centres and tank farms and has a turnover of over $ 6...

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    Uncategorized | december 2006

    Acquisition of technology investments of Residex

    Parcom Ventures B.V. together with some private investors have acquired 9 interests in technology companies from Residex. The companies included in this transaction are Interxion, Mapper Lithography, ALSI, AtoBe, X-Hive Corporation, Momac, Siennax International, Business Architects International...

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