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    SEE tickets | september 2008

    Majority Acquisition of See Tickets International

    Parcom Capital Acquires Majority Interest In Joop van den Ende’s Ticketing Company See Tickets International, the largest independent ticketing organisation in Europe. Joop van den Ende´s theatrical production company Stage Entertainment and Parcom Capital, a subsidiary of the ING Group,...

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    Bakkersland | juni 2008

    Bakkersland to acquire Quality Bakers

    Bakkersland, one of Parcom’s portfolio companies, announces the acquisition of Quality Bakers from Barilla Holding. Barilla Holding, global leader in the pasta industry and European leader in the bakery industry, and Bakkersland Groep B.V, a main player in the Dutch bread and pastry industry,...

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    Bruynzeel Plastics | december 2007

    Bruynzeel Plastics sold to Deli Universal

    Parcom sold its stake in Bruynzeel Plastics to Deli Universal. Bruynzeel Plastics is manufacturer of home products. Parcom was a shareholder since...

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    Univar | juli 2007

    CVC and Parcom’s public-to-private of Univar

    CVC and Parcom closed the public to private transaction of Univar N.V. (“Univar”), the global market leader in chemical distribution (#1 in the U.S. and Canada, #2 in Europe). Univar operates a global network of 160 distribution centres and tank farms and has a turnover of over $ 6...

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    Uncategorized | december 2006

    Acquisition of technology investments of Residex

    Parcom Ventures B.V. together with some private investors have acquired 9 interests in technology companies from Residex. The companies included in this transaction are Interxion, Mapper Lithography, ALSI, AtoBe, X-Hive Corporation, Momac, Siennax International, Business Architects International...

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